The Monplaisir Palace — the favorite brainchild of Peter the great

The Monplaisir Palace — the favorite brainchild of Peter the great

Monplaisir (the name of this Palace can be translated as "my pleasure") is one of the most fascinating palaces of the famous Peterhof complex. He was very much loved Peter the great Palace can be called his favorite child. He himself chose the place where to build it, sketched with his own hands many of the sketches, did the drawings of the architects – it was designed by A. Schluter, J.-B. Leblon and others. Palace Monplezir is just a few steps from the Gulf, from its Windows offer stunning views of the sea.

the Palace was created with the construction of the comfortable housing – as it is imagined Emperor. Historians believe that the architecture and the interior of the Palace of Monplaisir can be judged on how Peter saw the perfect housekeeping.

For the decoration of the Palace interior were taken by the famous Dutch tiles are also expensive fabrics, unusual lacquered panels made by Chinese technology, carved oak.

Among all the Palace premises by the strangeness stands the main hall, the so-called Marine Cabinet and the personal bedchamber of the Emperor.

the Most catchy interior in the Front hall – this is a must see if you decide to visit the Peterhof. From the hall you can get into the Palace garden, or out on the Gulf coast. The walls of the hall, the Emperor wished to coat the carved oak. The ceiling can be attributed to the masterpieces of painting – it covers a complex multi-colored painting. The floor is covered with black and white tiles, made of marble.

the Sea Wall of the Cabinet is also decorated with fine oak panelling. They are paintings depicting 13 the military courts. The study will be personal items used by the once great Emperor. From its Windows you can admire the panorama opener at St. Petersburg and handsome Kronstadt.