Fountain-cracker «Bench»

Fountain-cracker «Bench»

The fountains are a favorite pastime for all guests of the Lower Park of Peterhof. The earliest is two benches in Monplezira garden. They look modest, their main decoration is a gold mascarons newts, which are located on the back. First described fountains, built according to the drawings of Peter I, was tested in the distant 1723 and meaningful work, coping with his cheerful task to this day.

the Typical fountains-crackers comic effect is the sudden, unexpected triggering mechanism that launches the action of water streams, opisyvaemye guests of the lower Park. It is to imagine knights and ladies of the 18th century, their magnificent luxury outfits, often artsy makeup for women and the reaction of visitors to this fun fun! The action itself is very amused Peter and his entourage.

to this day, merry fountains – the domain of the Lower Garden of Peterhof. Their architectural structure is inferior in size and performance to other magnificent fountains, but the goal of crackers is not to impress guests of Peterhof to the work of the best sculptors of the era, and to bring joy, to give joy.

Now, especially in sultry days, about humorous benches-fountains, a crowd of tourists and locals who want to "play" with the fountain. Especially the fun you have on the taste of the kids. Parents take a walk replacement children's clothing, and sometimes even raincoats!

Fountain-cracker Bench: