Peterhof Virtual Excursion

Peterhof is a Grand Imperial residence, comparable in grandeur to the monuments of garden art the greatest monarchies of Europe; Founded at the beginning of the XVIII century as a symbol of the brilliant Russian victory in the struggle for access to the Baltic Sea.

All work was carried out under the personal supervision of Peter the Great, and has already inaugurated "Petrov Dvor" in August 1723. A few years later it was defeated Lower Park (102.5 hectares) and the Upper Garden (15 hectares), completely rebuilt the Grand Palace, created the world's largest system of fountains with natural pressure and water cascades with a rich sculptural decoration.

Unique park ensemble and fountains of Peterhof, which operate during the summer season, take a worthy place among the attractions of St. Petersburg. While planning excursions to the fountains it's necessary to specify the complex shedule at the desired day.

The first owner of Peterhof land was, of course, AD Menshikov. In 1829 the park was given the name "Alexandria" in honor of Alexandra Feodorovna, wife of Nicholas I.

"Cottage", built in 1826-1829 years in the English Gothic style - the family nest several generations of Romanovs is saved till nowadays as a museum. Despite the name, "Gothic chapel" - is the Orthodox Church, built in the "Gothic Revival" style in 1830-1834, respectively. Restored and consecrated in 2006. For farms at the pavilion "Farm palace", built in 1831, specially written animals from England. The building was visited by home and leisure, and the Nazi headquarters and dormitory Petrodvorets watch factory. Restoration began in 2003.

In 1832 Nicholas I made a telegraphic communication between the capital and the summer residence and was founded the "Palace telegraph station."