The Grand cascade

The Grand cascade

The Grand cascade is complex, filled with amazing beauty, attractiveness and charm. Each element of the cascade has been carefully constructed by professionals. Among its components – 75 fountains, 3 cascades staircases, bas-reliefs and many magnificent sculptures.

the Complex consists of two parts: outdoor and underground. The latter, in turn, is divided into the Lower (Large) and Upper (Small) caves.


a Large kaskader First decided to implement a wonderful idea – to build beautiful fountains at the entrance to his residence. Moreover, he decided to do it from the sea, so that the structure looked even more beautiful and elegant. Also, this technique allowed to demonstrate the military power of the country in question defend territories with access to the sea. After seven years of construction, the opening of the facility. However, work to improve the complex went on and on. This gave the opportunity to add new sculptures, among which were: mercury, Galatea, Perseus, Actaeon. And a little later came the figures of Samson and newts.

unfortunately, during the war years, certain elements of the Grand cascade failed to keep. However, this did not prevent partially restore the fountain in 1946-m to year. But already by 1950 the year ended with the full restoration of the Grand cascade. Keep the fountain in excellent condition helped regular restoration work, the last of which was in 2011.


the Foot of the Grand cascade decorated with a magnificent statue of Samson, which is cut with a lion. The construction height is about 3 meters. His full name is "the Fountain of Samson tearing the lion's mouth". A jet of water emanating from this (very large) fountain rises to a height of 21 meters.

the Central part of the cascade (Lower grotto) includes a fountain with 28 jets, playfully echoing in the sunlight. On the sides of the grotto are Large cascading staircase, decorated with gilded bas-reliefs.

Upper grotto has a terrace with 2 statues (Neptune and Bacchus), were placed around the perimeter of the sculpture of Triton.