The Neptune fountain— mesmerizing beauty

The Neptune fountain— mesmerizing beauty

The Neptune fountain — one of the attractions of the Peterhof Palace and Park complex. Enjoy the visitors in the Central pool, which is located in the Upper garden. Fountain not notice it is simply impossible – it enchants at first sight. On a high granite pedestal stands the ruler of the underwater Kingdom of Neptune in his hands he holds a Trident. The main track, the creators of the fountain in Peterhof supplemented with figures of horsemen, seated on sea horse. You can see the splashing of dolphins and winged warlike dragons.

Delve into the history

the Neptune Fountain Peterhof

the Idea of the composition of the fountain was born in the German city of Nuremberg. Original version in 1660 came up with two German sculpture and architect – Georg Schweiger and Christoph Ritter. He later fine-tuned by Schweiger

the Final version (includes 27 different elements of the fountain) were translated in 1688 - 1694. All the composition was cast in lead and covered with the gold part of Harold.

the Fountain was commissioned for the decoration of their city, the inhabitants of Nuremberg, it was supposed to symbolize the end of the exhausting thirty years war. But it turned out that to operate complex fountain can not – it would have to completely redo all the water supply of Nuremberg. The fountain was dismantled and about 100 years disassembled it and carefully stored in the warehouse. Breathed in the fountain "Neptune" new life of the Russian Emperor Paul the First. He bought the fountain for huge for those times money – 30 000 rubles. Originally it was intended to establish a "Neptune" at the Gatchina Palace Park, but then the Emperor changed his mind and ordered that the fountain was mounted in Peterhof.

Where to stay

If you have the opportunity stay in Peterhof for 3-4 days, so you are guaranteed to slowly be able to enjoy all the attractions of the complex. There is an excellent hotel where guests are always welcome, "Alexandria Peterhof".